Hours of Service Regulation

A summary of the HOS trucking regulations for property-carrying and passenger-carrying drivers. Drivers will be assigned a driving limit and are required to take certain rest breaks.

Property Carrying Drivers

11-Hour Driving Limit

Following 10 consecutive hours of off-duty time, drivers may not drive longer than 11 consecutive hours.

14-Hour Driving Limit

After coming onto duty after 10 consecutive hours off-duty, drivers may not drive longer than 14 consecutive hours. Longer off-duty time does not extend the 14-hour working period.

Rest Breaks

During any 8 hour driving period, drivers must take a minimum of a 30-minute break from driving, uninterrupted. The break may be any combination of being on-duty and not driving, being off duty, or staying in the sleeper berth.

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60/70-Hour Driving Limit

Drivers may not drive past 60/70 hours on duty during 7/8 consecutive days of driving on-duty. If drivers take 34 consecutive hours or more off-duty, the 7/8 consecutive day period may be restarted.

Sleeper Berth Provision

During the required 10-hour off-duty period, drivers may split the time as long as one off-duty period is at least 2 hours long. The other off-duty period must include at least 7 consecutive hours in the sleeper berth. Altogether, the total time spent in the sleeper berth must add up to at least 10 hours.

Property Carrying Drivers

10-Hour Driving Limit

Drivers may only drive a maximum of 10 hours after having 8 consecutive hours of off-duty time.

15-Hour Driving Limit

Follow 8 consecutive hours off duty, drivers may not drive longer than 15 consecutive hours. Exceeding 10 hours off-duty does not allow you to drive longer than the 15-hour limit.

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60/70-Hour Limit

During a span of 7/8 consecutive days, drivers may not drive longer than 60/70 hours on duty.

Sleeper Berth Provision

Drivers who have and use a sleeper berth are required to take a rest break of at least 8 hours in the sleeper berth after their driving limit has been hit.